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12 February 2011

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8 February 2011

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7 February 2011

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6 February 2011

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3 January 2011

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Front Nose
9 May 2010

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8 May 2010

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7 May 2010

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Half Car
2 May 2010

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Take My Hand
29 April 2010

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All Alone
24 April 2010

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Silly Tuesday: The Bug
20 April 2010

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17 April 2010

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Leaning Light
21 February 2010

Recent Comments

rian on 043
very nice shot.. :)

mohamad on Just Peace
دمت گرم. خيلى باحال بود

/\/\ ! /\/ /\ on 043
Nice shot, beautiful building! i like this architecture! Long time, no update!!!! shake a leg!!! ;-) Best of luck :-)

Ralph Jones on 038
I like this!

john4jack on 039
nice framing by the arch. fine processing

Mhelene on 039
We are in a fairy tale ! Beautiful !

klausZ on 039
very fascinating processing!!!!

Plichard Mickaël on 039
Nice treatment !!

john4jack on 038

john4jack on 031
extraordinary architecture

Curly on 031
Despite the greyness of the sky, I am pretty pleased with the rest of the tone mapping in this shot. I'd love to ...

Sylvie49 capture image on 030
Excellent, j'aime.

Curly on 030
My eye keeps drawing me to whatever it was that went wrong in that small portion of sky. The rest of the picture looks ...

Dornbrau on 030
I love the water color quality of your photos.

john4jack on 029
wonderful framing by the arch and pillars

Ralph Jones on 027
Still Budapest?

Ralph Jones on 026
Where is this?

Ralph Jones on 025
great perspective and a beautiful sky.

Peter on 025
This is a fantastic composition Wayne....the people out front help to give it the scale.....great capture and a ...

Curly on 025
Oh wow! This is beautifully finished.

:) on We Just want Peace, is that so hard to understand
"We Just want Peace" You're a liar You're a liar You're a liar You're a liar You're ...

Ralph Jones on 007
Great leading lines, like a pair of mirrors showing a path to infinity.

JCJ on 007
beautiful graphic of this place :)

john4jack on 007
superb leading lines. fine composition

Ralph Jones on 006
Dang nice way to come back! Beautiful atmosphere and color palette.

Steven on 005
You're back!!! Great to "see" you once again! Beautiful composition and framing of this church with ...

Ralph Jones on 004
Wonderful, happy image.

Ralph Jones on 001
Welcome back! Happy 2011!

Katalog Stron on Moday Flower
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

angel on Moday Flower
miss here:) nice

soheila on Human Screen
فوق العاده است .خوشحال می شم از عکس های منم دیدن کنید

fabrizio on Moday Flower
delicate in light wonderful in shade

Ian Smith on Half Car
Very nice!

Ian Smith on Front Nose
I love these old cars. Great vantage point - but I would suggest stepping back further and using a telephoto to avoid ...

aj.binam on Moday Flower
nice micro shot / shabnam haro kheyli to in aks doodt daram / movafagh tar bashi .

Srujan Chennupati on Moday Flower
Superb shot, Mehdi.

Julie on Growth
très jolie

ilandsis on Stair To Heaven
magnifique prise de vue

Magda on Married
very nice

Magda on Alaska Wendsday: the Ship HDR2
great shot

Magda on Half Car
superb! composition, clarity, colour.... all fantastic!

Parasaran on Half Car
Lovely compo!

Calusarus on Half Car
A marvel

Sohrab on Alaska Wednesday: the Ship HDR
nice framing

Sohrab on Take My Hand
What a nice shot...I love it....

Sohrab on Half Car
OMG! I have the same picture!!!!

Marie LC on Half Car
joliment cadré

adele27 on Take My Hand
very nice photo. is she ur wife?

Sarah on Soccer
Great capture! Hope he kicked a goal!

Mj007 on Soccer
oh my, great shot!!

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